I was really looking forward to Parkers senior session because I got to go hang with my best friend in San Diego! I try to go to San Diego as often as possible since my friends live there and it's just so freaking beautiful there. I got to photograph Parkers older brother a couple years earlier and I knew Parker would want something totally different from his big bro. We had planned on doing Balboa Park and then downtown but when we arrived we quickly had to change our plans. The Park was just way too crowded and parking would have been way too difficult. Sometimes you just have to pivot and come up with a plan B on the spot. We headed downtown instead to a parking garage that I had found on instagram. It's so stressful trying to find good spots when you don't live where you're shooting so I'm so glad I was able to find this cool garage. We also walked around downtown just a little bit to get some variety and even included Parkers car in some of the shots. MY favorite shot being where the sun is just peaking through his cars open window (that was some awesome timing). Check out some of my favorite shots.