What to Wear to Your Portrait Session

Choosing what to wear for your portrait session can be quite stressful. I've created this page to give you some helpful tips in choosing outfits for your session.

Important things to consider!

There are a few important things to consider before your shoot:

  • Tan lines and sunburns are very hard to edit out so please stay out of the sun before your shoot date.
  • apple watches do not photograph well I recommend not wearing one to your shoot
  • having the correct undergarments is very important
  • please make sure you can sit, stand, bend and move freely in all of your outfits
  • schedule your haircuts/ highlights before your shoot. It is very hard to edit hair roots
  • guys be sure your facial hair is how you want it on the day of your shoot
  • make sure your nails look nice. There's nothing wrong with bare unpolished nails but cracked nail polish is hard to edit out
  • Be sure to bring a parent or friend to your shoot. This is so helpful when it comes to holding your outfits or helping you change
  • pack extra makeup up, hair brush and hairspray

Dress for the season and location

If you shoot is in the summer, it gets pretty hot here in Texas. Make sure to wear light breathable fabrics. Bringing an extra outfit or shirt can also be a great idea if you happen to get too hot and sweaty in your original outfit.

If your session is in the Fall or winter be sure to check the weather for the day of your shoot. Texas is unpredictable so you never know if it will be warm or freezing. If it's going to be quite chilly you can bring a big jacket or blanket to wrap up in between shots. Layers look great in photos so be sure to add a jacket, cardigan, or any other outerwear.

Make sure you've considered your location when choosing your outfits. Your wardrobe would look very different in a beach location vs downtown houston.

Add in Some Personal Details

What makes you you? are you a track star? Do you love books. Were you on the football team. Do you play an instrument? Where are you going to College? Including the things you love in your session can make it extra special. We can even include your family pet!

Have fun with it.

This is your session and it is a special occasion so don't be afraid to go all out and have fun with it! Go as over the top as you want, play with fun colors and accessories and of course feel free to ask for my advice if you feel stuck.