New year, New website, New blog.

Owning my own business has it ups and downs. The ups being I get to work with all of my wonderful clients, the downs being I have to do things I'm not good at like create and maintain my own website. Recently my website crashed and even with an experts help, I could not get the content back. So, I am forced to move on with a fresh new website and new blog. Unfortunately this means I lost all of my beautiful blog post with all of my clients lovely images. However, I have gained an easy to use website that showcases your photos in a beautiful way. I'm kicking off this new blog with all of my favorite photos from 2021! Please take a moment to check them out!

Gosh what a beautiful and fantastic year of photos. Still sad I lost all of the hard work I put into my blog but happy to be able to showcase these photos on a new pretty website. Thank you clients for a great year in 2021 here's to looking forward to many more blog post in 2022.